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Data sources

This section describes some of the different sources used in the creation of GeoLinked Data generation. Nowadays, there are diverse data sources belonging to the National Geographic Institute of Spain and National Statistics Institute of Spain;

Geographic information

These sources are at different scales (from 1:1 million to 1:25,000), and have multiple information related to Spanish geographical feature instances.

IGN data bases

  • The Numerical Cartographic Database, called BCN200 (scale 1:200,000), is a data source that complies with the data specifications required to be exploited in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) environments. This data source includes 60,000 toponyms related to hydrographical instances.
  • The Numerical Cartographic Database, called BTN25, (scale 1:25,000) was built to obtain cartographic information at the abovementioned scale because this scale complies with the data specifications required to be exploited in  Geographic Information Systems (GIS) environments. This database includes more than 190,000 entries related to hydrographical toponyms.
  • The National Geographic Gazetteer data source (scale 1:50,000) also called Georreferenced DataBase or NOMGEO, has more than 490,000 toponyms, of which  more than 74,000 are hydrographical toponyms belonging to 44 different features.
  • The Conciso Gazetteer data source is a basic corpus of standardized toponyms created by the Spanish Geographical Name Commission. This data source has more than 3,600 toponyms and its information is compiled at a scale 1:1 million. This gazetteer agrees with the United Nations Conference Recommendations on Geographic Names Normalization.
  • The National Atlas data source (scale 1: 1:500,000) provides an overview of Spain's human and physical environment and integrates different thematic data. This data source has more than 1,100 hydrographical instances.
  • EuroGlobalMap (EGM) is a topographic dataset that covers the whole of Europe at scale 1:1 million. This dataset is produced in cooperation with the European National Mapping Agencies (NMAs), using official national databases. The EuroGlobalMap project provides the first European GI infrastructure that is maintained at the source level by the (NMAs). In addition, this data source offers smooth access conditions to geographical information.  It contains 3,500 Spanish hydrographical toponyms.

All these data sources contain multilingual information in the official languages of Spain (Castilian, Galician, Catalan, Basque, and Aranese).

Statistical information

With respect to the statistical information, we collect these data by directly accessing the INE website, where all these data sources are available in spreadsheets. The set of spreadsheets that has been selected contains information about population, unemployment, dwelling, industry, and building trade. The information is organized by administrative regions, concretely in provinces and autonomous regions, and within time intervals (years).